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Passion is a true game of destiny. With sheer talent, hard work, and preservation, one can conquer the mountain. Passion on other hand can bring tremendous changes in shaping and building one’s life and can achieve great fortune in their life.

One can build a great career that will help them to build a great valley of the ocean. Likewise, a person with great determination and willpower is the story of Harshil Desai.

Harshil Desai is a man of ideas and wit and is known for his creativity and innovative ideas in the world of photography.

At a very age, this little genius showcased his talent and innate passion for the world of photography.

His commendable love for the art of photography made him bag some of the commendable work in the world of photography.

At the age of 13, he worked with some of the great brands and some of the eminent personalities in the world of Bollywood which give him an edge in the world of advertising and photography.

To enhance his skills and curate his ideology in the world of photography he has secured BCA in photography and cinematography from the city of dreams. At the same time, he wanted to nurture his horizon and expanded his dream, and acquire new gains and experiences he build an immense bundle of portfolio while studying in America where he is pursuing his MFA degree from SCAD ( The Savannah college of arts and design) where he is working tirelessly to pursue his dreams to expand his career in the world of advertising.

The world of advertising fascinated him at a very young age because he worked with his father other several ads shoot and established a name for himself in the game of photography.

The world of advertising has been a dream world for me and it has enriched my dream of possibilities and built my deep understanding of the fascinating world of advertising.

The world of advertising has helped me to understand the world of advertising and marketing and enhance my skillset in the world of arts and design. It helped me deeply understand the game of advertising and branding and enriched my world in the game of advertising.

As a man of creativity, getting deeply engaged in the world of advertising made me more creative and innovative and encapsulate my world in advertising.

Moreover, back in my graduation days, I enriched my passion and being determined, and persuasive and engage my mind in the world of advertising and enrich the world of marketing and advertising.

The world of photography and advertising pushed me into the world of advertising and shaped my life as photographer. Hopefully soon, I can call myself an advertiser soon which will give me a 360-degree perceptive into the world of advertising.

This degree helped in building my commitment and fascination with the world of advertising and building persuasion and knowledge into the world of advertising and shaped my ideology for life.


Life is Quintessential and there is a perfect amalgamation of arts and innovation. Innovation plays a huge role in my life and hopefully one day it will mark my niche into the world of advertising and marketing.

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